A Data Engineer with background in Data Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Modeling. Also familiar with web application development.

Data Engineering skills and tools

  • Languages: Python, SQL, Ruby, Java, PHP
  • Databases: Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, AWS RDS, RedShift
  • Batch ETL: Python, SparkSQL
  • Streaming ETL: Kafka, Spark Streaming, AWS Kinesis, Lambda
  • Workflow Management: Airflow, AWS Glue

DE Portfolio

Data Science skills and tools

  • Languages: Python, SQL, MATLAB, Octave
  • Deep Learning: TensorFlow
  • Machine Learning: scikit-learn, pandas, numpy
  • Deployment: AWS Sagemaker, Docker, Kubernetes, GCP Container Engine
  • Visualization: AWS QuickSight

DS Articles

DS Portfolio

Other Skills and tools

  • Modeling: ICONIX Process(Use case driven object modeling), UML Modeling(Business, Architecture, DB),
  • CI/CD: Github Actions
  • Computer Science & Algorithm: Google foobar challenge lv4(be going on)
  • Web application developing: Full-stack (more familiar with backend)
  • OS: Linux, FreeBSD